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Fair is Fair – Can One Agent Represent Both Sides?

The concept of dual agency states that one agent may represent both seller and buyer. It’s important to note that this is legal in Missouri, but not allowable in Kansas. Blue Bridge believes it is impossible for a single agent to do justic...

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VA Loan Eligibility Explained

Most buyers are surprised to learn how wide-reaching the VA Loan benefit is. If you have any connection at all to the military, it is in your best interest to have an agent who understands VA Loan eligibility and procedures well. While it is no...

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Finding Your Dream Home: Tips for Accessible Living

Choosing between homes and finding the perfect one is an adventure that should be exciting. However, when we struggle to find something that meets our individual needs, our frustrations may grow. That's why we should do our research before ...

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What Do I Need to Know About Lenders?

Unless you have a pot of cash, you’re going to need a loan to buy your new house. And chances are you’ll get that loan from a banking institution. Lenders work for those institutions and help you during the (sometimes lengthy and confus...

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