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Fair is Fair – Can One Agent Represent Both Sides?

The concept of dual agency states that one agent may represent both seller and buyer. It’s important to note that this is legal in Missouri, but not allowable in Kansas.

Blue Bridge believes it is impossible for a single agent to do justice to multiple parties and that it is never in the best interest of the client to forego having their own, personal agent working on their behalf. That’s why we do not practice dual agency at all – even when allowed to do so in Missouri contracts.

You need to know that your agent is working only for you at all times. There should be an effort consistently to avoid any conflict of interest.

The bottom line?

Sellers – make sure your listing agent passes along any leads to other agents so that he or she maintains complete loyalty to you as the primary client.

Buyers – find a trusted agent before you ever go to see a house. Don’t be fooled into calling a listing agent to ask questions or thinking an agent at an open house will have only your best interests at heart. You need a dedicated agent who is working for you full time until you find the property that will fit your needs.

Fair is Fair

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