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Steven Unfred

Steven Unfred
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    Steven has extensive experience and a deep personal knowledge of:

    Investment properties and renovation projects

    • personally bought and sold dozens of real estate investments since 2013, including multi-family houses, historic homes, single family dwellings, large homes on acreage, and several top-to-bottom renovations.


    • owns two office buildings and has assisted many business owners with both buying and selling commercial properties

    Inspection process

    • former member of the Pipefitters Union; employed by the City of Lawrence, KS, Public Works Department (project management and right-of-way manager); state of Missouri DHSS Onsite Wastewater Treatment Program – Advanced OWTS Installer Course; owner of E&A Homes

    Development / Infrastructure

    • owner of Orchard Hill in Weston, MO

    1031 Exchanges

    • personal experience and has assisted with many 1031 exchange transactions

    Historic properties

    • owned 517 Main Street in Weston for several years and has assisted several clients both buying and selling historic properties in different towns across the area

    Agriculture / land splits

    • assisted many clients with determining the most advantageous way to split large acreage; calculate farmland yields; navigate formal approval processes; and manage surveyors, water districts, road districts, etc.


    • served six years in the US Marine Corp and has assisted with dozens of VA Loan purchases

    In addition to all of the valuable experience Steven has gained since he entered the full-time workforce as a teenager, he has carefully made important connections that assist his clients with a variety of needs when it comes time to sell or buy. These connections include folks he knows and trusts personally in the industries of quality home repairs and renovations, electric and plumbing work, property inspectors, real estate law, and targeted marketing.

    In short, Steven believes a real estate agent must be much more than the person who shows properties and drops off paperwork. A great agent is with his clients every step of the way, willing to make those important connections and lend a hand whenever necessary.

    Steven Unfred lives with his wife, Elyssa, and two daughters in Weston, MO, where he serves as a City Alderman.

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